One of the things that Steve and I look forward to on Sundays is breaking free from the computer and walking around downtown Petaluma, often stopping in Petaluma Art & Earth so Steve can buy a new sketch book or strolling through Heebe Jeebe looking for something fun to send Valerie at school.

So earlier in the week when we got a FaceBook invitation from Chris Samson telling us that he was going to be a Copperfield’s “Sundays @ 2,” we decided to make that our downtown outing today.

Because Steve does the editorial cartoons and I occasionally take on writing assignments for the Argus, we’ve gotten to know Chris as editor of the Argus Courier. And besides being a really nice guy, I really appreciate that Chris is a really excellent writer.

But Chris wasn’t appearing at Copperfields to do readings of his editorials; he was there to play music from his CD “In My Own Time.”

Before starting his program, Chris gave a brief introduction to tell us that Copperfields has been hosting “Sundays @ 2” events since the summer. These free events are designed to give local authors or musicians the opportunity to gain some exposure and hopefully sell some of their self-published books or music.

During casual hour-long performance, Chris and Steve Della Maggiora performed songs that chronicled many phases of Chris’ life. Everyone in the room, many of whom seemed to be long-time friends and supporters of Chris, were especially touched by his songs about losing his wife and brother. Listening to these stories was made better by hearing them in an up close and personal way; no microphones or amplifiers, just pure tone of their instruments and voices.

What a great way to spend an afternoon. Listening to some good music and getting to know a friend better.