I was one of the more than 2.5 billion people who watched, or at least set their DVR to record the royal wedding. As we watched the highlights of the event, what came to mind was that the wedding was a reality show but one of a very different kind.

I have become so conditioned to expect something offensive or crude from most reality TV that it was almost startling to watch the Royal Wedding and not see girls behaving badly. Where are the girls falling out of their tube tops and stumbling down the street drunk? What, no screaming fights filled with profanity? Nobody in a hot tub doing shots? Amazing.

It’s a shame that the raunchy and attention-getting behavior of women on Jersey Shore, Girls Next Door, Bad Girls Club, Rock of Love, and Bridezillas – just to name a few – has become the norm.

And not just the norm, but these days it seems like young woman actually aspire to achieve the same level of crudeness that is celebrated on reality TV. You can see it outside any bar late on a Friday night. There always seems to be a few impersonating Snooki.

My hope is that a few of the zillions of girls who watched the wedding might see a different kind of role model in Kate. Someone who is poised, gracious and confident. When it comes down to it, she didn’t do anything remarkable in the four or so hours that the cameras were on her for the wedding. She just behaved like any well-mannered woman would. For some of the younger generation who have never seen it on TV before, it’s called being a lady.

Wouldn’t it be great if her popularity signaled a return to a more civilized way of life? I would welcome seeing more of the Duchess of Cambridge on the air and less Kim Kardashian.