Saturday was one of those days cause anxiety in moms. You know, the kind of day where you look at the calendar and realize that several events are happening on the same day and you’re not really sure how if it can all be worked out.

In the bigger picture of life, it’s pretty small stuff – I’m not talking about surgeries or the births of babies but it’s stressful nonetheless. So when it all works out, I certainly breathe a sigh of relief and try to remember for the next time that I really don’t need to get so worked up. Ninety-nine percent of the time, everything really does come together just fine.

The challenge this past Saturday was that it was Butter & Egg Days parade and also the day of the Senior Prom at PHS. Because I was the volunteer recruiter and help organize the volunteers on the day of the parade, it was going to be a workday for me. I love meeting all the great people who are willing to give of their time and energy to make the parade a success but it is a busy day and potentially long day.

Our daughter Jennifer Lynn was involved because the Petaluma High Band marches in the parade and she had also gotten an invitation to the Prom. Thankfully, Steve was going to handling the chauffering duties of getting her to the parade and immediately back home. It was also very fortunate that the PHS band was entry number 12 in the two hour parade. Had time allowed, I know she could have spent the entire day getting ready for the big evening out. As she lamented, she was only going to have two hours to get ready! Most school mornings, she spends about five minutes putting her makeup on during the car ride to school.

Adding to the anxiety was the closure of Doyle Drive. How early would they have to leave? Would their plan to take the ferry into the City work or could the ferry possibly be sold out because so many people didn’t want to deal with the potential gridlock on the Bridge? Would I be able to get home in time from the parade to pin her bra straps to the back of her dress so it didn’t show? That’s’ not a job she wanted her dad to take on. Would the pin curls work out so her hair wouldn’t look like a fro gone wrong?

When her date arrived at 4:00 to pick her up, everything was in place. Her hair looked great and I had gotten home to pin her straps without drawing blood. She looked fabulous in her bright red, 1940s Hollywood-style dress that she was so proud of finding for $10 at a Petaluma thrift store.

She and her date looked so cute as his dad drove them off to catch the Ferry which they were able to do without a problem. The day was a big success on all counts.