We just got off the phone with our daughter, Valerie, who returned to Orange County last night after spending three weeks in London.  She was there with about 20 other graphic design students and their department chair to work on a design project for an international engineering consulting firm…and taste their first Pimm’s Cup, shop for Harry Potter souvenirs at Harrods, and for Valerie, celebrate her 21stbirthday from the London Eye. (I now know that’s the name of the giant Ferris wheel on the Thames.)

The view

The birthday girl

Thank you Chapman University Professor Chimenti for managing the workload and personalities of these talented and sometimes temperamental students. And we especially thank you for making it possible for Valerie to celebrate her birthday in a way she will never forget.

Professor Chimenti chronicled their full London experience with wonderful descriptions and fabulous photos in his blog. It’s hard not to look at these and be a little nostalgic for a time in your life when you were young and fresh and the world lay at your feet!