I guess it was about five years ago when I got my first Smart Phone and one of my daughters introduced me to the joy of listening to podcasts.

At first I didn’t get the concept. Hadn’t video killed the radio stars? Wasn’t YouTube the source for all on-demand entertainment?

But with her encouragement, I downloaded a podcast app (I use Podkicker) to my phone and subscribed to the Freakonomics podcast. I discovered how much I enjoyed the intimacy of having someone deliver information directly into my ear – and hopefully – into my brain.

I like learning but I really don’t like reading…I fall asleep in about five minutes when I open a book. And I always feel guilty, like I should be doing something productive with my time instead of reading. But that’s the great thing about podcasts. I can be entertained or informed while I’m cleaning the bathroom or creeping up 101 during the afternoon commute.

Last year, “Serial” blew up the podcast world with a huge audience (95.7 million episodes downloaded) but there are a ton of other interesting programs out there. So I would like to share a few of my favorites.

Snap Judgement” from NPR – Three stories about a theme. Host Glynn Washington is a great storyteller in his own right.

Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me” from NPR – three comedians and a very witty host rehash the week’s current events.

Freakonomics” from New York Public Radio – Feel smart by listening to top economists “explore the hidden side of everything.”

This American Life” from Chicago Public Media – host Ira Glass can be a little pretentious but very interesting in-depth interviews and explorations.

Petaluma Valley Baptist Church Sermons – the word of God delivered by Pastor Tom Marcum. When I need a spiritual infusion STAT, Pastor Tom’s excellently written sermons are just what the Great Physician ordered.