Now that Steve and I don’t have any kids at home and our weekend activities aren’t dictated by their agendas, we’ve been talking about how we want to spend our free time. What do we enjoying doing as a couple…besides binge watching episodes of “The Killing” on Netflix interspersed with conversations about the kids or the cats.

I think the answer has come in the form of my new job. Now that I am back working for the Petaluma Visitors Program, my responsibilities include working events produced by the PVP and our umbrella organization, the Petaluma Downtown Association. Because I am married to a great guy who wants to support me in all I do, Steve has offered to help in any way that he can at these events. If asked, he would be willing to schlep tables or pop-ups but the truth is, that he is a much better videographer than roadie.

So for both Santa’s Riverboat Arrival and the Lighted Boat Parade last Saturday, while I was focused on making sure things were running smoothly, he shot video and then spent the next day editing it so that I had videos (please see links below) that I could post on social media. I know the PVP appreciates that I bring to the job the added bonus of a spouse who generously shares his talents and energy.

While Steve and I are not necessarily working side-by-side during the events, we are sharing the experience. He understands the relief I feel when things go smoothly and when there has been a glitch, because he knows my strengths and weaknesses, he can help me get perspective on the situation.

But my job at the Visitors Program is about much more than just events, it’s about getting to know all that Petaluma and Sonoma County has to offer so that I can share this amazing area in a compelling way with the world. And the best recommendation is a personal one. So given all that there is to experience here, Steve and I just need to open the Visitors Guide and start planning our weekend adventures. There are enough to fill a lifetime…we just need to get up and off the couch.

Enjoy the holiday videos!

Lighted Boat Parade:

Santa’s Riverboat Arrival: