Throughout human history and culture, gifts have played an important role in all sorts of different civilizations, cultures, and instances. Of course, one important aspect of gift giving is understanding that there are very different gifts to be given in different situations. For example, one would not give the same gifts to a relative as they would to a romantic partner. Similarly, a gift for a job promotion should be considered in a much different way than a gift that you give to a neighbor, for example. It can often be tough to navigate the situation and find the right gift, but here is how to select a great gift for any occasion.

Go General

There might be times in your life where you simply have too much going on to find the perfect gift for someone, or it might be a situation where it’s customary to give a gift – but you are not that close to the person. A great strategy here is to simply go with a general gift that could show your appreciation/gratitude/congratulations, without truly delving into who the person is or their interests. One great example of a general gift is a useful tech accessory, for example. There are plenty of people that watch and listen to music, podcasts, or Youtube that could always use an extra Bluetooth speaker, for example. Another great thing about certain gifts is that they can apply to both men and women, so you can also find a gift among different types of watches, as well. A nice fountain pen can also do the trick in terms of “general gift”. The idea is to purchase a gift that has value of some kind to almost anyone.


If you are purchasing a gift for someone, the chance is that you know something about them. You might not know all of their interests and hobbies, but if you are aware of something that they are passionate about, it’s easy to find the right gift for someone. For example, if you want to congratulate a friend on running a marathon – it’s obvious that some running shorts might be a great gift. If you know that your friend plays tennis regularly, a quality headband would make sense, as well. Of course, you can always find the right gift for the occasion by making sure it is relevant to the occasion. If they just graduated – you can purchase them a book that might be related to what they were studying, for example. In this way, simply thinking about their interests or the occasion itself can produce a quality gift.

Household Items/Clothing

As long as someone has a roof over their head and a human body – guess what they can use? Some stylish clothing items and some household items! It’s a great way to ensure that your gift might be put to use, no matter what the occasion is. Who couldn’t use an extra blanket during winter, or an extra bath towel? Some scented candles might be a great gift for anyone, because it can add value to a room, whether they own a mansion or a studio apartment. If it’s winter, the right scarf can be a great gift for someone, whether male or female, as well. Of course, if you can purchase the gift for the right season, this might add a little personalized touch, even if you aren’t too familiar with what kind of brands or styles the recipient appreciates.

One great way to choose a quick gift is to also choose a budget first for household items. If you are purchasing a gift for someone that you don’t know well, there is obviously no reason to purchase them designer clothing or an expensive air conditioner, for example. You have to figure out what your limit is – whether it’s $10, $20, $50, or $100 – you can already figure out what items might work for a gift.


Just because you don’t know someone that well, that doesn’t mean that you can’t personalize a gift to some extent. For example – if you are aware that they are from a certain city and proud of it, you can purchase items that represent that city in a meaningful way. The same can obviously be done with sports teams. If you are purchasing a gift for an employee, you can purchase some employee-themed gifts, for example, such as a mug that might have a quirky or entertaining message that simultaneously shows your appreciation.

You can also personalize a gift by using initials, or their name, to purchase a gift. If they are taking their career seriously or you know that they are trying to get a business off the ground – perhaps you can purchase some artwork for their new business, or give a gift in the form of professional business cards.