Time share

In about six weeks, our daughter Jennifer Lynn leaves for her year-long study abroad program. She will be spending her entire sophomore year in Shanghai; we’re excited for the adventure ahead of her but my stomach knots up when I think about not seeing for more than eight months. I [...]

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Mommie dearest

It’s news to me, but according to the experts, the family relationship that is the most troubled is the one between mothers and their teenage daughters. Think of the door slamming, the silent treatment and the snarky comments hurled between Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan (back when she was [...]

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Spoiler alert

For more than 20 years, Steve has had the opportunity to do the marketing communications for Bubbies. In case you’re not familiar with Bubbies, they are best known for their kosher dill pickles and sauerkraut. As they say on TV, “Look for them in the refrigerated section of Whole Foods [...]

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Get a job Sha na na na

So here’s a statement that will make me sound like I’m 110 years old: life is very different for teenagers today than it was when I was growing up. The latest evidence to support that? Only one third of American teenagers had a job last summer; down 40% from 2000. [...]

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Family ties

There are lots of different activities that families do together to promote family bonding. Things like playing sports together or having family game nights, or camping, hiking. But our family’s favorite bonding experience? The bunch of us plopped on the couch with a cat or two strewn amongst us, watching [...]

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Happy Anniversary

Thirty-one. If you’re talking about a person’s age, a 31 year-old is a young person. But in the context of marriage, 31 years seems like a really long time for two people to be together. I guess that’s why it’s hard for me to believe that Steve and I have [...]

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Permanent ink

I guess you could say that our daughter’s first year away at college left an indelible impression on her...because she came home with a tattoo. Long gone are the days when getting a tattoo cast judgement upon the wearer. Maybe you have the same impression that I had yesterday as [...]

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Furiosa in the Family – Part 2

Valerie's fan art of Furiosa A couple of weeks ago, after seeing the new Mad Max movie, I wrote about Furiosa, the character played by Charlize Theron and the similarities to our 22 year-old daughter Valerie. They are both missing their left arm and both have warrior-like determination. [...]

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Overcoming obstacles on TV

If the networks all stopped broadcasting sporting events – from major TV draws such as NFL football to more obscure sports like archery – the only way our family would know about this huge black hole in the TV schedule was if we read about it in the newspaper – but it would have [...]

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Furiosa in the family

We love getting phone calls from our son Ethan who is stationed at an army base in Korea. During his most recent call to us, he made a point of telling us that we should go see the new Mad Max movie. “The female warrior played by Charlize Theron has [...]

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