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Rising to the occasion

It was a rainy Sunday on the last day of Christmas vacation and I was feeling pretty gloomy after dropping our daughter off at the airport. What tasks did I have to look forward to for the rest of the afternoon? A stack of bills, bank statements and invoicing. Yuck. [...]

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News from afar

If you’ve had a child go away to college, then you’re familiar with what happens during the break between fall and spring semesters: the school basically kicks the kids out of the dorm for three to four weeks from mid-December to mid-January and sends them back to their parents' house [...]

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2015 Family Wrap Up

If you follow my blog, thank you for the time you haven taken to read my ramblings and hear about the happenings in our household. I wish you and those dear to you a very Merry Christmas.  If I was to come up with a theme for our family for [...]

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Sharing the love of Petaluma

Now that Steve and I don’t have any kids at home and our weekend activities aren’t dictated by their agendas, we’ve been talking about how we want to spend our free time. What do we enjoying doing as a couple…besides binge watching episodes of “The Killing” on Netflix interspersed with [...]

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Thanksgiving table for 2

No matter whether I was at the gym, at the office or just out and about, for the week prior to Thanksgiving, everyone’s conversations centered on “what are your plans for Thanksgiving?” This year, when I was asked if I was cooking or how many people we were hosting, for [...]

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Here to stay

I am celebrating the start of a new chapter in my life…actually, it’s probably less of a new chapter and more of a sequel. Because on Monday, after working in a totally different industry for the past two years in Marin, I’m going back to work at the Petaluma Visitors [...]

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Fake fir

I held out as long as I could but I finally gave in and went to the dark side...at least that’s the way my daughters see it…because I bought an artificial Christmas tree. In the past several years as the quality of a Tannenbaum in a box has gotten better, [...]

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Counting my blessings

God has been so good to us. Four years ago at this time, we were in the final stages of packing up our house in Petaluma in preparation for moving. The Great Recession – which at the time didn’t seem all that great – had reduced our income by two-thirds [...]

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Drawn to Halloween

Starting back on October 1st, just as I was plugging in my phone and crawling into bed, I would see a notification pop up on my phone that our daughter Valerie had posted another illustration on Tumblr. The illustrations that she is posting are part of “Drawlloween” which is a [...]

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Toto, we’re not in Korea anymore

In an unusual happenstance, at the same time that our daughter Jennifer is struggling to adjust to life in Asia, our son Ethan is dealing with re-acclimating to life in the US after spending the past year in Asia…Korea to be specific. For 12 months, Ethan was stationed at Yongsan [...]

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