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It’s not in the bag

Given the environmental righteousness of Sonoma County, I’m going to say something that might be downright sacrilegious: I like plastic bags. You know, the ones that were ubiquitous at every store before the ban on plastic bags went into effect last Monday. Now what am I going to use to line the garbage cans under the sinks? And what do we use to scoop the cat litter into? And how about dog owners – when we had our dog, if… Read More »

No news is good news

On Wednesday, it will be two weeks since we said goodbye to Jennifer Lynn at Pepperdine where she is beginning her freshman year. Since then, my Inbox has been filled with emails from the Federal Student Loan Department, the company assigned as the loan servicer, and the Financial Aid office at the school. I feel very well informed about the indentured servitude that we have entered into in order for her to attend college. But when it comes to hearing… Read More »

It’s downhill from here

It was a week ago that we loaded up the car – good thing Steve has a roomy xTerra and not a Mini Cooper – with six boxes, two suitcases and a trash bag full of the stuff that Jennifer Lynn determined was essential for beginning college life at Pepperdine. Fortunately, we were able to arrive the day before “Move In Day” so Jennifer could scope out the campus – which she had never set foot on – before it… Read More »

Emptying the nest

A week from today we will be on I-5, heading to Southern California to get Jennifer Lynn moved into her dorm room at college. Other parents I talk to tell me that yes, it’s hard when your youngest child leaves home but that you get used to it, and in fact, it doesn’t take all that long to really start enjoying having the house all to yourself.   I’ll have to take their word for it, because if you were… Read More »

Practically educated

Our daughter, Jennifer Lynn, finally got around to sending a thank you note to her aunt for the check she received as a graduation gift. It took Jennifer two tries to correctly format her aunt’s address because she didn’t know where in the address block to put the zip code. Jennifer is the product of 12 years of public education in which she has gained the skills to be able to write a 3500 word essay for her International Baccalaureate… Read More »

The spin (cycle) on college laundry

Three weeks from today we’ll be driving to Southern California to deposit our youngest daughter, Jennifer, in her freshman dorm at Pepperdine. There are some aspects of her transition to living away from home that I sometimes get anxious about. Thoughts such as: Will she get along with her roommates? Will she focus on her classwork? Will she know how to set boundaries in relationships? Will she floss her teeth? One thing that doesn’t concern me, is whether Jennifer will be… Read More »

Bypassing life insurance

Friday we celebrated – if you consider managing to stay awake in front of the TV until 10pm a celebration – the three month anniversary of Steve’s triple bypass surgery. We continue to be very grateful that the arteries in his leg have adapted so well to their move uptown to his heart. And even though his sternum went through something akin to “cut along the dotted line,” it has knit back together just fine. We hope and pray that… Read More »

Philomena is phenomenal

If you’re old like me, you might remember how movie critics Siskel and Ebert used to give a film either a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” at the end of their TV show “At the Movies.” But for me, instead of my thumb indicating whether a movie is worth watching, it’s my head. You see, if we pop in a DVD or start a movie on Netflix on a Friday night and I manage to stay awake for the entire… Read More »

Minor no more

So our youngest daughter, Jennifer Lynn turned 18 yesterday which is certainly bittersweet for me. All our children are adults now. Of course, they never stop being my “children;” but I will have to start thinking of them as my “adult children.” My days of being a mother first and everything else secondary, are past. Jennifer Lynn started listing off everything that she can do now that she’s an adult: rent a hotel room in her own name, get married,… Read More »

Country Music convert

Compared to drivers who commute from Sonoma County to San Francisco every day, my Cotati to Novato commute is pretty lightweight and easy. I just point the steering wheel forward and fall in line with the other several thousand cars creeping up 101. Now that I’m in the car for significant chunks of time, I’ve started listening to the radio again. But what station to tune into? For a while, I just kept pushing the scan button – I think every… Read More »