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Uniform appearance

A couple of weeks ago, I came upon a New York Times article about men who are famous enough that they can wear the same thing every day. Guys like Mark Zuckerberg in his ever-present gray t-shirt, hoodie and jeans. And before Mark, there was Steve Jobs who never left home without his black mock turtleneck. Of course, no one ever asks (or asked) these gazillionaires, “You ever take that shirt off to wash it?” because we know that they… Read More »

Car show off

For over 20 years, Steve has had the opportunity – and privilege – to develop the marketing communication materials for Bubbies Pickles. They are a family-owned business that understands the value of creating a brand message and staying true to that message in all forms of communication. Rather uniquely, one of the vehicles (pun intended) that Bubbies uses to communicate the authenticity of the brand is the Bubbiemobile.  Restoring the 1953 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery Wagon has been a labor of… Read More »

Update from Korea

It’s been a little more than six months since our son deployed to Korea so it was wonderful to get a phone call from him on Saturday morning. One interjection: if you’re like me, you’re used to hearing “deployed” followed by “to Afghanistan” or “to Iraq.” But I have come to understand that “deploy” means to position troops – or even civilians – for action. In our son’s case, we’re very grateful that his deployment has taken him to a… Read More »

Old guys rule

When I asked Steve how he wanted to celebrate his birthday – this was one of those milestone decade birthdays – he said that what he would enjoy most would be to have dinner with our daughters who are in Southern California. Given the way they both love to tease their father about his advanced age, Steve knew he was in for a good dose of elder abuse during our visit. So how old did Steve turn on his birthday?… Read More »

The right stuff

There’s a trend that I’ve been reading about that is another example that everything old is new again. People are suddenly fascinated with “tidying up.” This is a concept that I was very familiar with when I was growing up in the 1960s – except in our household, tidying up was communicated in less gentle terms. It was more along the lines of “You can’t leave the house until your room is clean.” So why the sudden obsession with tidiness? Obviously,… Read More »

Supper at school

An article appeared in the paper a couple of weeks ago that continues to roll around in my mind and whenever I think about it, it really makes me feel sad. I can hear someone saying, “Really?! There’s just the one article that left you depressed?”  No…and taken in the context of the truly horrible stuff that is reported in the papers, this article seems downright benign. But I found it disturbing nonetheless. So what was the article? It was:… Read More »

In case of emergency

So I was at the gym on Saturday morning, working up a sweat on the elliptical machine with my headphones on. I was totally in the zone, keeping tempo to One Republic’s “Love Runs Out” on Spotify on my phone and watching a Food Network chef make Mexican lasagna on the little TV screen in front of me. My brain was a million miles away from what was going on around me when I suddenly become aware that someone was… Read More »

Fear of filing

On Saturday morning, Steve and I were sitting at the table waiting for the caffeine to take effect and discussing the to-do’s for the day. I was sipping my coffee when Steve saw a look come across my face that looked like someone had substituted salt for the Splenda. “What thought just crossed your mind?” Steve asked. “Taxes,” I answered. “I knew it!” he said. He knows me well enough that just the thought of preparing the information for our… Read More »

Another mouth to feed

In the spectrum of where a cat could live out its life, our two cats, Nigel and Blossom, certainly won the lottery. At the first twinges of hunger, they can saunter over to their food dish. There is always food in it and it’s the expensive stuff – not the bargain brand kibble. They can munch away until they have had their fill and then without them lifting so much as a claw, their empty dish is refilled again and again.

The most difficult decision our cats have to make on any given day is deciding which comforter on which bed that they want to curl up on. Then in the evening, Nigel comes downstairs and situates himself in his box in front of the fireplace where he gets so comfortable that he actually starts snoring. As Steve and I frequently comment, these are a spoiled couple of felines; their pampered pink pussy paws never encounter anything rougher than carpet and tile.

Nigel baking in front of the fireplace

Nigel baking in front of the fireplace

But of course, not all cats are a lucky as ours. There’s a little gray cat hunched on our fence reminding us of this every time we come in and out of the house.  This dust bunny of a kitty started coming around our place at about Christmas time. We know the outdoor cat community at our condo complex and we had never seen this cat before the holidays. One of our neighbors thought that someone had moved and left the cat behind. Given that our pets are almost as beloved as our kids, it’s hard for us to imagine someone abandoning a cat.


Griselda casting a spell on us to let her inside

Griselda casting a spell on us to let her inside

Steve named her Griselda. “Gris” is the word for gray in French and with her glowing yellow eyes and long fur, she – we’re quite sure she’s a girl because of her small size – she seems well suited to being named after a fairy tale witch.

It’s obvious that she is very accustomed to being around people because as soon as we open the door, she starts meowing for attention. Lucky for her, Steve is totally a soft touch when it comes to animals. He makes sure there is food and water in dishes just outside our front door and takes breaks during the day to step outside and pet her which makes her start kneading and drooling like mad.

Griselda would love to come inside but we’re quite sure Nigel who is a big bully tomcat would terrorize her. On the other paw, Griselda has street smarts and she may very well be able to hold her own against his posturing.

However, there’s another reason we won’t be letting her in anytime soon. It would put the census of cats in our household larger than the number of people. And as our daughter tells us, we would be entering crazy cat people territory.

Celebrating at Cucina Paradiso

Usually on Friday night, we’re happy to be tucked in at home, scrolling through Netflix for something light to watch to cap off the week. However, last Friday was Jennifer Lynn’s last night home from college before going back for spring semester so doing something more special than watch me nod off on the couch was in order. We wanted to go out for dinner but where to go? We wanted cozy with dependably great food and service… Cucina Paradiso… Read More »