Saluting “Petaluma’s Salute to American Graffiti”

I had a chance to talk to “Petaluma’s Salute to American Graffiti” organizer John Furrer last week about the 50% chance of rain that was forecast for Saturday. That's the day when 450 classic cars - many of which are convertibles and all of which are polished, waxed, and buffed to mirror-like [...]

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A tribute to Sybil Sullivan

On Saturday, we got the sad news that Sybil Sullivan, my friend and former co-worker at the Petaluma Visitors Program, passed away on Friday night in Washington State with her only son at her side. Born on October 13, 1918, Sybil was exactly 97 years and 7 months old when [...]

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Welcome home from China

Since our daughter Jennifer Lynn left for Shanghai at the start of the fall semester for her year studying abroad, I have recounted some of her adventures – and her parents’ anxieties – in my blog. On Friday, we picked her up from the airport and it was an emotional [...]

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10 Things you might not know about Butter & Egg Days

There’s no doubt that the entire Petaluma community rallies around the Butter & Egg Days Parade…and has for generations. For the 3,000 parade participants, it’s an opportunity to take a spin around the block like a celebrity, waving at the crowd as they march or ride in the parade. For [...]

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A round of applause for Cinnabar Theater

Last Sunday, Steve and I went to Cinnabar Theater for a matinee performance of Time Stands Still from Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, Donald Marguiles. Cinnabar has been presenting its unique brand of theater since 1972. In Cinnabar’s intimate setting, the audience experiences the drama as if it were taking place one’s own [...]

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It’s a small world

In about six weeks, our daughter Jennifer will be stateside again after two semesters spent studying abroad in Shanghai. She tells us that she and her classmates are amazed that that their time is coming to an end – it has gone so quickly. Some of the students are lamenting [...]

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Tracking down railroad history

In preparation for the Butter & Egg Days special section in the Argus Courier, I had the opportunity last week to interview a few members of the NWPRRHS. Yes, that’s a mouthful – it stands for the Northwestern Pacific Railroad Historical Society. Because this year’s parade theme centers on the [...]

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A salute to Petaluma’s Military Antiques and Museum

Petaluma is known for authenticity. You don’t have to look any further than our iron front buildings. Constructed in the late 1800s, Petaluma's architecture isn't plaster façades slapped onto 20th century reproductions. And community celebrations such as Butter & Egg Days and Rivertown Revival  honor our genuine agriculture heritage and river history. [...]

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Dirty jobs

I’m going to take a few minutes today and write in praise of lawyers and CPAs. These are certainly professions that are oft maligned. Who hasn’t heard CPA’s pejoratively called “bean counters?” And I know that I’ve laughed at my share of lawyer jokes; the most recent one had to [...]

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Now showing on Netflix

When Steve and I come to the last episode of a Netflix series that we’ve gotten immersed in, I always feel a sense of loss. It’s embarrassing to admit mourning the end of a TV show – the judgmental side of me says that grieving should be kept to real-life [...]

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