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Lagunitas on Tap

So I’m standing at the corner, waiting to cross the street at East Washington and Petaluma Blvd. N. when a millennial on a bike pulls up next to me and breathlessly asks for directions to Lagunitas. I’m not sure if he was having a beer emergency or if he just didn’t want to be late for the 4:20 start of the band in theTapRoom, but he was definitely a man on a mission. It caught me a little off guard… Read More »

The force is in Petaluma…at Rancho Obi-Wan

You don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to be transported to the awe-inspiring world of Star Wars. Who would have thought that in rural west Petaluma, about 10 minutes from downtown, on property that once housed a chicken ranch, you would find Rancho Obi-Wan, a museum housing the world’s largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia. Created by former Wall Street Journal LA bureau chief and current Lucasfilm Fan Relations Advisor Steve Sansweet, the 9,000 square foot museum houses… Read More »

On the cat walk

It was about a year ago that we noticed a very fluffy gray cat hanging around our house. If we approached her, she would chirp and scurry right over on her stubby little legs to be petted. After a few minutes of stroking her head and cheeks, she would flop onto her back so that we could pet her tummy – rolling and stretching for as long as our knees would hold out as we crouched down to lavish attention… Read More »

Winter break in Southeast Asia

Steve and I were very relieved when we got the text from Jennifer that she was safely back in the Jia (dorm) in Shanghai after spending four weeks traveling through Southeast Asia with two classmates. Our prayers were answered because – amazingly to me – they never got on the wrong bus or train and didn’t end up in a scary dark part of Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur. Gastric distress didn’t happen until the last few days of the trip and thankfully, she… Read More »

The parent trap

With the holidays fast receding the rear view mirror Steve and I looking at the New Year with mixed emotions. This last Christmas, the first without all three kids around the tree on Christmas morning opening presents, seemed to herald a future where Steve and I are finally done with our nearly three-decade long career of raising children and onto the next chapter of our lives, once again as a couple. Last time this was the case Reagan was in… Read More »

Rising to the occasion

It was a rainy Sunday on the last day of Christmas vacation and I was feeling pretty gloomy after dropping our daughter off at the airport. What tasks did I have to look forward to for the rest of the afternoon? A stack of bills, bank statements and invoicing. Yuck. So what to do instead? Ready, set, bake! If you’ve happened to tune into the “Great British Baking Show” on PBS or Netflix, then you know that those are the… Read More »

News from afar

If you’ve had a child go away to college, then you’re familiar with what happens during the break between fall and spring semesters: the school basically kicks the kids out of the dorm for three to four weeks from mid-December to mid-January and sends them back to their parents’ house to monopolize the remote control and rearrange the Netflix queue. Although Jennifer’s dorm (otherwise known as the Jia) is in Shanghai, the school’s policy for students in China is the… Read More »

2015 Family Wrap Up

If you follow my blog, thank you for the time you haven taken to read my ramblings and hear about the happenings in our household. I wish you and those dear to you a very Merry Christmas.  If I was to come up with a theme for our family for 2015, it would be new opportunities for projects, work and adventures. We have been immensely blessed. Steve had the opportunity to dust off his skills from his days in the… Read More »

Sharing the love of Petaluma

Now that Steve and I don’t have any kids at home and our weekend activities aren’t dictated by their agendas, we’ve been talking about how we want to spend our free time. What do we enjoying doing as a couple…besides binge watching episodes of “The Killing” on Netflix interspersed with conversations about the kids or the cats. I think the answer has come in the form of my new job. Now that I am back working for the Petaluma Visitors… Read More »

Thanksgiving table for 2

No matter whether I was at the gym, at the office or just out and about, for the week prior to Thanksgiving, everyone’s conversations centered on “what are your plans for Thanksgiving?” This year, when I was asked if I was cooking or how many people we were hosting, for the first time in the 30+ years that we’ve been married and probably in my whole life, my response was “We’re going out for Thanksgiving.” Before the person I was… Read More »