Wedding day bliss

Sometimes when you’re in the thick of an event, your brain is so consumed with the tasks at hand, that it is only after the dust has settled and life has returned to a predictable routine that you can assess what just happened and begin to get some perspective. Was [...]

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Working it out

I think it’s fairly common that if we’re tired or feeling a little run down, that we start questioning whether the energy we put into a particular area in our life – family, work, personal pursuits – really makes any difference. I suppose I was in that state of mind when I [...]

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Meals on Wheels delivers

Every so often I notice in the newspaper that Meals on Wheels, a program offered by Petaluma People Services Center, is in need of more drivers. If you’ve thought about doing some community service work, I would like to share a little of our experience as MOW drivers in the [...]

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Happy Father’s Day 2016

Last week, I stopped by Papyrus to pick out a Father’s Day card for Steve. Based on what I saw depicted in the cards, there are three things that dads are interested in: barbecuing, beer, and golf. That’s the best that the greeting card industry can do? What about all [...]

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Not married to tradition

We’re happy and excited because a few weeks ago, our daughter Valerie got engaged and quicker than you can say, “Never mind a long engagement. Let’s get on with starting our lives together,” she and her fiancé Devin had set an August wedding date. As their wedding plans are starting [...]

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Saluting “Petaluma’s Salute to American Graffiti”

I had a chance to talk to “Petaluma’s Salute to American Graffiti” organizer John Furrer last week about the 50% chance of rain that was forecast for Saturday. That's the day when 450 classic cars - many of which are convertibles and all of which are polished, waxed, and buffed to mirror-like [...]

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A tribute to Sybil Sullivan

On Saturday, we got the sad news that Sybil Sullivan, my friend and former co-worker at the Petaluma Visitors Program, passed away on Friday night in Washington State with her only son at her side. Born on October 13, 1918, Sybil was exactly 97 years and 7 months old when [...]

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Welcome home from China

Since our daughter Jennifer Lynn left for Shanghai at the start of the fall semester for her year studying abroad, I have recounted some of her adventures – and her parents’ anxieties – in my blog. On Friday, we picked her up from the airport and it was an emotional [...]

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10 Things you might not know about Butter & Egg Days

There’s no doubt that the entire Petaluma community rallies around the Butter & Egg Days Parade…and has for generations. For the 3,000 parade participants, it’s an opportunity to take a spin around the block like a celebrity, waving at the crowd as they march or ride in the parade. For [...]

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A round of applause for Cinnabar Theater

Last Sunday, Steve and I went to Cinnabar Theater for a matinee performance of Time Stands Still from Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, Donald Marguiles. Cinnabar has been presenting its unique brand of theater since 1972. In Cinnabar’s intimate setting, the audience experiences the drama as if it were taking place one’s own [...]

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