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The Benefits of Headsets in the Workplace

Communication is one of the most important aspects of doing business and today many employees spend a large portion of the day on a phone. Many offices now use wired or wireless headsets for calls rather than traditional phone handsets. Studies show that using them can improve productivity by up [...]

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Tips for Helping Your Significant Other Quit Smoking

There's no denying that smoking is bad for you. The health risks are immense. Unfortunately, it's also a complicated addiction, which makes it difficult to quit. It's easier to stop smoking when you have support. If your partner has decided that it's time to toss out their smokes and improve their [...]

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6 Tips All College Parents Should Know

6 Tips All College Parents Should Know Heading off to college is a life-changing experience for students and their parents. It can take some time for parents to adjust to their empty nest and for students to adjust to dorm-life. Here are some tips to help you. Prepare well The [...]

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Navigating the Medicare Maze

When you turn 65, you are eligible for insurance coverage through Medicare. This essentially means that you’ll be able to get affordable coverage on everything health related from hospital stays to doctor bills and prescription job. Even though this is great news, don’t think that you’ll easily reach a decision [...]

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6 Tips to Quit Smoking Once and for All

If you’ve tried quitting before and failed, then you know just how hard it is. The truth is that most smokers eventually realize they don’t really enjoy it and start wishing they could quit completely. Nevertheless, many aren’t strong enough to get out of nicotine addiction just like that. Of [...]

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How to Select a Great Gift for Any Occasion

Throughout human history and culture, gifts have played an important role in all sorts of different civilizations, cultures, and instances. Of course, one important aspect of gift giving is understanding that there are very different gifts to be given in different situations. For example, one would not give the same [...]

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The Challenge of Giving Good Gifts

I know how difficult it is to be a mother. You have to raise your family and make sure that you shower them with gifts from time to time. However, I have always found it difficult to give the right gift. Though I know that my family will appreciate what [...]

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Wedding day bliss

Sometimes when you’re in the thick of an event, your brain is so consumed with the tasks at hand, that it is only after the dust has settled and life has returned to a predictable routine that you can assess what just happened and begin to get some perspective. Was [...]

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Working it out

I think it’s fairly common that if we’re tired or feeling a little run down, that we start questioning whether the energy we put into a particular area in our life – family, work, personal pursuits – really makes any difference. I suppose I was in that state of mind when I [...]

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Meals on Wheels delivers

Every so often I notice in the newspaper that Meals on Wheels, a program offered by Petaluma People Services Center, is in need of more drivers. If you’ve thought about doing some community service work, I would like to share a little of our experience as MOW drivers in the [...]

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