How about spending a nice spring day getting some exercise and fresh air while enjoying a walking tour of Historic Downtown Petaluma? And you get do it with about 3,000 of your closest friends!

Yes, that experience can be yours if you sign up to be a volunteer for the Butter & Egg Days Parade on Saturday, April 16.

OK, I’ll come clean. Under the direction of the parade coordinator, I have taken on the task of recruiting volunteers for the parade and I’m self-servingly using my blog to get the word out.

Before you stop reading, we are not recruiting pooper scoopers for the parade units on horseback; they have to provide their own.

However, I am recruiting for about a half-dozen different volunteer jobs including “Safety/Route Monitor” – we don’t want any little ones running in front of an oncoming cow – and “Beer Garden Staff.” And by the way, for that job, you need to be 21 and free samples are not included.

One team that is really in need of volunteers is “Parade Banner Carrier.” You only need to be 14 years-old and students can receive community service hours for their time.

Marching down Kentucky Street holding a sponsor banner in front of a flatbed truck of chickens may not be as glamorous as leading a SpongeBob balloon down Fifth Avenue in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade but we promise that you won’t have to wear a goofy costume and you will get to waive to all your friends and neighbors lining the streets.

In fact, one of the perks of volunteering will be getting a cool Volunteer T-shirt. And you get to attend the Volunteer Thank You Party in May that has a drawing for lots of wild and crazy prizes.

Just so you have all the facts, volunteers are needed between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 pm. on the day of the parade and a typical shift is five to six hours. Volunteers need to plan to attend the Training session on Wednesday, April 6th from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.

A Volunteer Sign-Up Form is available at Click on the biplane then scroll down the page to download the 2011 Volunteer Application form.

So instead of sitting on the sidelines for the Butter & Egg Days Parade come join us and get in the thick of the action as Petaluma’s premiere event celebrates its 30th anniversary. You might even come away with a great story or two.