We received a solid offer on our house about three weeks ago and now we are waiting for the bank to let us know if they will work with us on the deal or if they want to punish us and ship us off to debtor’s prison.

So for the time being, we’re in limbo. The good news is that that because moving isn’t a sure thing, I don’t have to start packing up the household yet. Just keep the lawn mowed, try to not put any more dings in the paint, and hope that the roof stays on.

The bad news is that the longer the process goes on, the more possibility there is for the deal to fall apart.

Since no amount of worry will make any difference in the outcome of whether our house sells or not, I’ve been grateful for the distractions that I’ve written about in my recent blogs. There was my recent visit to the promised land (i.e. Salt Lake City) and my on-the-job training as a bartender at NHRA at Infineon…I hoping to have my over-the-shoulder shaker move ala Tom Cruise perfected by the next time we volunteer at the end of August.

Getting outside of ourselves and doing things that are different than our typical routine – which for me is falling asleep as soon as I sit down on the couch in front of the TV at 9:30 at night and for Steve is continuing to sit in front of the computer – is helping us to keep positive and put aside the anxiety during this time of uncertainty.

So in keeping with that approach, we had a lovely couple over for dinner last night. I realize that entertaining like this may be no big deal and a regular happening for a lot of families. However, for us, it’s easy for us to keep our noses to the grindstone all the time; it’s the loosening up and having a good time that is hard to do.

When I told our teenage daughters that we were having people over for dinner on Saturday night, they looked at me with that “You guys actually have friends who are attractive and aren’t social retards like you?” kind of expression. Yes, get used to it gals, your mom and dad are breaking out of their shells.

Who knows, before this house sells we might go wild, have a couple of beers and go out dancing ‘til 10:00.