For more than 20 years, Steve has had the opportunity to do the marketing communications for Bubbies. In case you’re not familiar with Bubbies, they are best known for their kosher dill pickles and sauerkraut. As they say on TV, “Look for them in the refrigerated section of Whole Foods and Petaluma Market.”

The owner of Bubbies is a very creative and forward thinking entrepreneur who saw the expanding interest of the food world in fermented foods. So a few months ago, he gave Steve the assignment of producing a Food Network-type TV show about the many different and interesting ways that food is preserved such as pickling, brining, salting and fermenting.11695873_1608334539438552_942010920244882312_n

What an amazing assignment – it gave Steve a chance to draw upon the skills he developed years ago when he worked on TV commercials for national brands. Plus we live in a part of the world that is absolutely bubbling over with experts in food alchemy. The fruit was ripe for the picking…so to speak.

Drum roll please! Just unveiled last week is the first episode of “Spoiled to Perfection.” Hosted by winemaker Garrett Martin, it features Jennifer Harris, the organizer of the Farm to Fermentation Festival. If eating fermented food makes you as vivacious and appealing as these two 30-somethings, bring on the vinegar and brine!

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