Last Sunday, Steve and I went to Cinnabar Theater for a matinee performance of Time Stands Still from Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, Donald Marguiles.

Cinnabar has been presenting its unique brand of theater since 1972. In Cinnabar’s intimate setting, the audience experiences the drama as if it were taking place one’s own living room –  albeit a room with a theatrical lighting grid and populated with charismatic performers.

The blurb for Time Stands Still describes it as “…a moving and often hilarious story of relationships, mid-life crisis and the ties of friendship.” The versatile ensemble of four talented actors vividly brought to life the wrenching conflict faced by a wounded photojournalist who must choose between her a adrenaline-fueled career and her long-time lover’s desire for family and a peaceful domestic life.

When Steve and I see a movie or play that we really enjoy, we often comment that it’s because “there is no bad casting.” That’s certainly the case in Time Stands Still; the actors are perfectly cast for their roles.

Seeing the production reminded me of what a powerful presence Cinnabar Theater is in our community. We have the opportunity to see performances worthy of major cities right in our own backyard…but without the big city prices. In addition to producing exceptional theater, the organization is behind a couple of Petaluma’s most beloved events: the Chili Cookoff, Salsa & Beer Tasting which is coming up on May 7th and the Taste of Petaluma in August. And while my children’s acting talent was never going to take them beyond a crowd scene, they had a ton of fun participating in classes at Cinnabar. 

One note about Time Stands Stillthe production contains strong language and mature themes. Recommended for ages 16 and up.

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