It’s a small world

In about six weeks, our daughter Jennifer will be stateside again after two semesters spent studying abroad in Shanghai. She tells us that she and her classmates are amazed that that their time is coming to an end – it has gone so quickly. Some of the students are lamenting [...]

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Tracking down railroad history

In preparation for the Butter & Egg Days special section in the Argus Courier, I had the opportunity last week to interview a few members of the NWPRRHS. Yes, that’s a mouthful – it stands for the Northwestern Pacific Railroad Historical Society. Because this year’s parade theme centers on the [...]

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A salute to Petaluma’s Military Antiques and Museum

Petaluma is known for authenticity. You don’t have to look any further than our iron front buildings. Constructed in the late 1800s, Petaluma's architecture isn't plaster façades slapped onto 20th century reproductions. And community celebrations such as Butter & Egg Days and Rivertown Revival  honor our genuine agriculture heritage and river history. [...]

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Dirty jobs

I’m going to take a few minutes today and write in praise of lawyers and CPAs. These are certainly professions that are oft maligned. Who hasn’t heard CPA’s pejoratively called “bean counters?” And I know that I’ve laughed at my share of lawyer jokes; the most recent one had to [...]

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Now showing on Netflix

When Steve and I come to the last episode of a Netflix series that we’ve gotten immersed in, I always feel a sense of loss. It’s embarrassing to admit mourning the end of a TV show – the judgmental side of me says that grieving should be kept to real-life [...]

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Lagunitas on Tap

So I’m standing at the corner, waiting to cross the street at East Washington and Petaluma Blvd. N. when a millennial on a bike pulls up next to me and breathlessly asks for directions to Lagunitas. I’m not sure if he was having a beer emergency or if he just [...]

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The force is in Petaluma…at Rancho Obi-Wan

You don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to be transported to the awe-inspiring world of Star Wars. Who would have thought that in rural west Petaluma, about 10 minutes from downtown, on property that once housed a chicken ranch, you would find Rancho Obi-Wan, a museum housing the [...]

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On the cat walk

It was about a year ago that we noticed a very fluffy gray cat hanging around our house. If we approached her, she would chirp and scurry right over on her stubby little legs to be petted. After a few minutes of stroking her head and cheeks, she would flop [...]

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Winter break in Southeast Asia

Steve and I were very relieved when we got the text from Jennifer that she was safely back in the Jia (dorm) in Shanghai after spending four weeks traveling through Southeast Asia with two classmates. Our prayers were answered because – amazingly to me – they never got on the wrong [...]

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The parent trap

With the holidays fast receding the rear view mirror Steve and I looking at the New Year with mixed emotions. This last Christmas, the first without all three kids around the tree on Christmas morning opening presents, seemed to herald a future where Steve and I are finally done with [...]

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